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Adapt with agility.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is transforming the way we live and work. With so many changes happening, it’s natural to feel stressed and unsure of the best way forward. At times like this, it helps to focus on what we can control. We can’t control most external events, but we can control our ability to adapt and thrive. We’ll help you:

  • Lead and perform under high stress and ambiguity
  • Manage and communicate in a virtual world
  • Get interview-ready for market recovery


Get the latest information from the CDC about coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Covid-19 Coaching & Facilitation Support

Lead and Perform Under High Stress and Ambiguity

Lead & Perform

under high stress and ambiguity

We offer 2, 4, & 6-hour coaching and/or facilitation sessions on:

  • How DiSC® and Myers-Briggs styles react under stress, and using DiSC® productive conflict to work through sensitive issues with care and efficiency. 
  • Identifying what is essential, where to be flexible, and how to support employees in times of massive change.
  • Effective tactics for managing teams in flux.
Manage and Communicate in a Virtual World

Manage & Communicate

in a virtual world

We offer 2, 4, & 6-hour coaching and/or facilitation sessions on:

  • Accepting that normal work patterns don’t exist right now, and finding new ways to effectively connect & perform.
  • Setting the right tone for an entire team that is now managing everything — work, school, kids, pets —  from home. What’s OK and what isn’t?
  • Tips for effective virtual meetings: Do’s, Don’ts, and how to make the best of it.
Get Interview-Ready for Market Recovery

Get Interview-Ready

for market recovery

We offer 2, 4, & 6-hour coaching and/or facilitation sessions on:

  • Managing your career in uncertain times: Do you keep your head down or seize opportunities?
  • Sharpening your interview game: How to articulate your value and transferable skill if you’re faced with job loss.
  • Preparing yourself for when things loosen up: Resume/LinkedIn review and recommendations.


On July 28th, 2020 Executive Coaches Katharine Giacalone, C.P.C., Christine Mann, C.P.C. and Safety Expert Barry Noll, P.E. facilitated a discussion to address how you can effectively demonstrate leadership commitment to safe and clean work environments, apply easy-to-remember safety practices and make sure your company culture supports employees feeling safe in the workplace.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can quickly customize a virtual workshop for you.

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