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It's Been a Pleasure

“It’s Been a Pleasure…”

This year I dedicated myself to placing importance on choosing wisely.  Choosing balance, choosing health, choosing my work and my passions more thoughtfully. It was all going very well. Until February 7. That’s when I received a call I had been hoping would never come.  Those close to me knew that even with my day-to-day

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Choose Wisely Groundhog

Choose Wisely: Break Out of Your Personal “Groundhog Day”

I was experiencing my own version of “Groundhog Day.” Have you seen that movie? If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: Bill Murray plays a weatherman who relives the same day, over and over, until he re-examines his life and starts making better choices. It’s a funny movie, and worth checking out as a Groundhog

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MANN Consulting Blog Action

Give New Life to Old Dreams Through Action

As a coach, I am always fascinated to hear about the many dreams and aspirations people have — the things they have wanted to do forever, but for reasons of time, resources, or life getting in the way, they haven’t pursued. These dreams rent space in the corners of our minds, peeking out occasionally in the

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MANN Consulting Blog One Picture Two Perspectives

One Picture, Two Perspectives

How many perspectives does it take to see and tell a full story? There’s no absolute answer, but it’s most certainly more than one! Have you ever stared at a painting, a presentation, or a report and, after talking to a someone else about it, you thought to yourself, “I didn’t see that at all!”  Even when we

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MANN Consulting Blog Trying New Surfing

Trying a Different Kind of Surfing :: A Lesson from a Little One

Have you ever thought about a time when you could have done something different, tried something new, or conquered a fear, and when you were just at the point of trying, you backed away?  What is it that stops us in our tracks?  What prevents us from exploring uncharted territory? What I typically hear in my many

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Krista Morris Guest Post Five LinkedIn Profile Laws

Five LinkedIn Profile Laws :: Guest Post by Krista Morris

This week I invited Krista Morris, founder of Virtuoso Resumes, to be our guest blogger. Krista is my “go to” writer for clients who are looking for a new presence via LinkedIn. She has some great tips below that detail how to make your LinkedIn sing. Welcome, Krista, and thanks for sharing! A fellow resume

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