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"Christine has the innate ability to cut through the complexity of an issue to decipher what is needed, then turn it into a creative, on-target deliverable. She is an innovative and artistic consultant with extensive business and personal savvy. I highly recommend her as a valued partner."
MANN Consulting What Clients Say Elyse
IT Group Manager
"Christine is one of those rare finds. She has an innate talent for identifying people's strengths and bridging gaps so one's will and skill converge. It's very empowering."
Corporate Services Manager
"Christine gave me concrete & actionable advice, which I applied to my career track with great results. Highly recommend!”
Attorney & Finance Consultant
"Christine brings a strategic & straightforward approach to planning & communication. I found her perspective & approach valuable & effective."
Utilities VP & CIO
"Christine's contribution helped transform how our team think about their roles and has inspired a more dynamic environment that is...delivering measurable results."
MANN Consulting What Clients Say Jon
Consulting Firm Founder
"Christine has provided my leader's organization valuable professional development and leadership coaching. I highly recommend her...as an absolute game-changer in developing future leaders."
IT Executive Assistant
"I strongly endorse Christine. She excels in strategic thinking at the corporate level and is extremely adept at building and maintaining relationships. "
Enterprise Strategic Initiatives Director
"I was always impressed with Christine's ability to simplify complex business priorities and strategies into value stories that the team could easily relate to and own.”
Customer Success VP
"I worked with Christine for over 10 years and watched her grow into one of the most talented and versatile people I know. Her excellent relationship skills, strong project management discipline, inspiring leadership and tireless drive was the perfect combination for her to be able to drive the extraordinary results that she did...You can't help but feel lucky to have her on your team!"
MANN Consulting What Clients Say Susan
Enterprise Supplier Management VP
"Christine's outstanding strength is her ability to throw herself with complete passion into everything she does. She looks for a win-win and works with a high level of integrity and personal values.”
Regional VP
"Christine has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others to do and be the best. Without reservation I endorse her as an effective leader and change agent."
Business Systems Team Leader
"Christine knows how to keep a team focused and motivated at all times. She takes the time to understand roles and sets clear priorities, and you can count on her to remove barriers to help you achieve your goals."
Senior Program Manager

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